• Medico legal examinations and post-mortem examinations for Teaching Hospital Peradeniya
  • Histopathological examinations on tissues taken from judicial autopsies, with a view to estimate the cause of death, time since death and time since injury.
  • Visiting appointments to other Faculties and Universities
  • Resource personnel in,
    * Human Rights Centre
    * Health & Emergency Disaster Management Training Centre

National centre for referrals on,
  • Forensic cases and post mortem examinations
  • Histopathological examinations
  • Skeletal remain analysis
  • Forensic anthropology and human identification
  • SCAN (Society for Child Abuse and Neglect)
  • Medical ethics, health policy and law initiative
  • Diatom analysis
  • Ivory detection
  • DNA services (Lab to be established)

Other Services / Programs
  • DNA workshop for Lawyers and Judges
  • Training workshops for police officers on crime investigation
  • Awareness programs for the public,
  • Collaborative workshops on child abuse,
  • The role of a Police officer, school teacher, 3-wheel driver in child abuse (National child protection authority)
  • Awareness program for North-East children (President Secretarial Office)


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